Dude Ranch

1. Pathetic
2. Voyeur
3. Dammit
4. Boring
5. Dick Lips
6. Waggy
7. Enthused
8. Untitled
9. Apple Shampoo
10. Emo
11. Josie
12. A New Hope
13. Degenerate
14. Lemmings
15. I'm Sorry

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7. Enthused - (2:48)
Am I strung out, crazy, or not allowed
to be the one who gets stupid over you
lazy (lazy), laid back (laid back), maybe you're just on crack
why am I the one who gets fucked up and confused?

She doesn't care at all
she doesn't care at all
she doesn't care about those times we never shared at all

If I were the last of the few who always ask
would you still be the same person that I knew
and if it's for me, another boring story
I swear I'll act enthused