Site news

February 10, 2010

After much neglect, I've fixed and reopened this site.

My next task is to tackle the "Monuments And Melodies" album. Hopefully that will be up in a couple days.

Voting is disabled until I find a more secure script.

I know there's quite a few songs that still need corrections. The idea of this site has always been to try and match what is being said on the album version of the song. Sometimes the lyrics on the official site, or in the booklet, or on other sites may not be completely accurate. I've already experienced this in the past. I will look into adding a message board so you can let me know of any inconsistencies.

Also, if anyone knows of a good affiliate program, let me know about that as well. Apparently no one buys CD's anymore (ha!), which I'm sure is the reason that CDNOW and Tower Records are both defunct.

If you like this site and would like to promote it, there's a very simple thing you can do. Just copy and paste the link code into your webpage html:

Nothing more, nothing less. It would be appreciated. Google thinks I'm only the 5th best site for Incubus Lyrics on the web. I demand satisfaction!

I hope to stay current with this site as new music is released by the band.

Thanks for visiting.

-The Webmaster