1. Creatures (For Awhile)
2. Reconsider Everything
3. Crack The Code
4. Same Mistake Twice
5. Beyond The Gray Sky
6. Seems Uncertain
7. Still Dreaming
8. Give Me A Call
9. Don't Dwell
10. Other Side Of Things
11. Sometimes Jacks Rule The Realm

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2. Reconsider Everything - (2:49)
How many times will they do the same thing?
how did they get programmed to your following?
everyone's locked up in their suffering
the only way you can tell is reconsider everything

What if the truth is that there is no truth
the only thing I can prove is there is no proof
don't be so sure that your source is correct
people believed it before, before they had checked

How many times can they tell you
til you just give them their way
how many times can they sell you
til you let them have their say
every time you will ignore your
heart it will come back twice more
never deny your own instinct
reconsider everything

Everybody want something they control
some just want grass some they want gold
either way does it feel good or feel low
taking you down not fast but real slow

Rebellion done for it's own sake
does not a true free thinker make
to go against for it's own sake
you're still controlled by the course
that the other man takes

Reconsider everything, reconsider everything (everything)
reconsider everything, reconsider everything (everything)
reconsider everything, reconsider everything (everything)
reconsider everything